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Handbag of the Month Club



Please note: Handbag of the Month Club is no longer available from Awesome Clubs. For an even better gift, please try:

Flower of the Month Club

Guaranteed to put a smile from ear to ear on any purse party junkie, a membership in our Handbag of the Month Club is the gift to give any woman.  Each and every month, our local boutique owners comb through the best stylish, designer inspired handbags available.  Each bag is guaranteed to be as functional as the original and the designs are new and contemporary.  SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!

Each month, a brand new, designer inspired handbag will be shipped during the last week of the month.  The material of each bag was cut to the style of the original handbag, ensuring envy from all your friends. Best of all, you can decide the size that best suits your tastes (or the tastes of the recipient).  On the right, choose from the following preferences:

1.  Small to medium sizes.

2.  Medium to large sizes.

3.  Suprise me!  I like all sizes.

All of our Handbag of the Month Clubs have four duration choices; 3, 6, and 12 months, or select our ongoing monthly club.

Give the Perfect Gift - Each and Every Month!
Our Handbag of the Month Club is perfect for any designer conscience woman - including yourself!  Give the gift that keeps giving month after month.  Give a Handbag of the Month Club from Awesome Clubs!  SHIPPING IS ALWAYS FREE!


All clubs ship the last week of the month.  Arrival should be no later that the last day of the month.

Our bags DO NOT have designer labels, tags or logos on them. They are designer inspired handbags.

These purses are not replicas. Replica means ".. a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original." Our purses bear no original logos and are not advertised as a copy of the original designer handbag.